Transport protectors

Transport protection in all sizes, models and colours. But what exactly is the benefit and is it necessary?

Good transport protection serves to prevent injuries. Note the emphasis ‘good’. A protector that does not meet certain quality requirements is a lot more dangerous than transporting your horse without protection. Does this mean that every horse needs transport protection? Certainly not. A horse that is calmly on the truck does not need transport protection. After all, we already pay a lot of attention to safety and comfort in the design process of our horse trucks. However, some horses simply travel restless, and do need extra protection. Most important rule in this story, know your horse and opt for leg protectors based on that.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks
Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Is your horse restless during transport?

Training can provide help. If you regularly load your horse on a Krismar, your horse will learn that loading and unloading can also happen in a pleasant way. Which also reduces the chance of an injury. Let your horse get used to longer distances. Many horses get restless when you go around the bend with the truck, because they can lose their balance. Does your horse also suffer from this? Drive extra slow. If horses are given the time to adapt during the turn, they will stay more calm and deliberately.

Does your horse remain restless despite the good preparations and your great riding behaviour?

Then it might be a good idea to put on transport protectors for your horse. Use a transport protector that is made of breathable material. There are different types of protectors for sale: the low variants protect the leg from the front knee to the hoof and the high ones close around the front knee or heel and a part of the hoof so that the hoof balls are also protected. Whichever model you choose, make sure that the transport protectors do not slip. If they slip down and the horse stands on them, it can lead to awkward situations. If you notice that your horse is getting irritated by the transport protectors, try using underlaps and bandages.

Are you still in doubt?

Remember that, with adapted driving behavior and a Krismar horse truck, you are already more than half way to arrive safely at your destination.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

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