Krismar Stallion E

Fully customizable to meet your needs


Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Krismar Stallion E-range

Discover the versatility of the Krismar Stallion E, a fully customizable horse truck designed to transport your stallions with the utmost safety and ease. The Krismar Stallio is available in both L and XL cabins.

The living area is entirely custom-built, from layout to materials, allowing you to create your own mobile home to your exact specifications. Below, you can view some luxurious examples, both built on an XL cabin with swivel seats in the living area.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Horse Section

The horse section of the Krismar Stallion has been developed in close consultation with stud farms, reflecting the accumulated knowledge and insights of stallion owners. As a result, this Krismar horse truck meets the highest standards of safety and comfort for transporting stallions.

Additionally, this configuration allows for transporting horses without tying them, providing them extra comfort during transport.

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