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Krismar horse truck for 8 horses


Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Krismar Professional | 8

With room for eight horses and a fully equipped living area, this Krismar horse truck offers the best of both worlds. Available on both Mercedes Actros and Scania P420 chassis, both seamlessly integrated with the living space. Featuring wide side and rear loading ramps, a large water tank, and many other standard features. The exterior color is customizable according to your preference. Interested in viewing some Krismar Professional 8 references? You can do so by clicking the link below.


The Krimar Professional 8 not only accommodates eight horses but also features a compact, smartly designed living area. You will enjoy a high level of comfort with ample storage space and all necessary amenities, including a kitchenette, integrated bathroom, and sleeping space for four people.

Make your personal style statement by choosing from our three standardized color combinations for your living space. Do you prefer the warmth of brown, the timeless elegance of greys, or does the sleekness of black and white appeal to you the most?

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Horse Section

The Krismar Professional for eight horses boasts the largest horse section in our professional lineup. Equipped with adjustable hinged partitions, the horse section comes fully equipped as standard to ensure the safe and comfortable transport of your horses. The wide side ramp and head partitions also makes this horse truck immediately stallion-proof.




  • airco
  • cruise control
  • fully air suspended
  • bluetooth radio
  • steering rear axle
  • navigation system
  • rain and light sensor
  • electric windows and mirrors



  • outdoor lighting
  • topsleeper
  • extra storage space
  • large water tank
  • frost protection
  • retractable water hose
  • keypad entrance living area
  • towbar


  • 3.5 ton trailer preparation
  • extra entrance in horse section
  • satellite
  • diesel generator
  • optical black line

living area


  • leather seat upholstery
  • airco
  • 4G Router
  • hot air heating
  • hot and cold water supply
  • sleeping place for 4 people
  • fully equipped bathroom
  • kitchen equipped with hob, fridge and microwave
  • rotatable smart-tv


  • electric floor heating
  • separate sleeping area for groom

horse section


  • camera system
  • skylights
  • LED-lighting
  • air fresheners
  • storage space for blankets
  • temperature sensor
  • adjustable dividers
  • side and rear ramp


  • temperature log system
  • winch for tackbox
Sfeerbeeld van een witte Krismar paardenvrachtwagen

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