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Krismar Horse Trucks and Motorhomes manufactures and supplies a complete range of equestrian and non-equestrian throughout Europe. To provide more insight into our service and to inspire your own purchase, we feature our monthly highlights. For questions about your Krismar purchase and international delivery, please contact our Krismar experts.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

We delivered the first Krismar 2-horse for 2023 to Keros, the reproduction center in Passchendaele. Meanwhile, this is the fifth Krismar they are adding to the fleet, again opting for the stallion version. In addition to stallions from all European studbooks, the renowned center also offers an adoption service for motherless foals.

Stal Lambrecht from Sint-Eloois-Winkel also started the year with a renewal of their Krismar fleet. A new 2-horse in stallion version and a Krismar Professional for eight horses. Both horse trucks were finished in the same style with logo. All information and photos can be viewed at the link below.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks
A grey Krismar horse truck with black optical line and pop-out open.

Also this month we saw some beautiful Krismar horse trucks leave for the dressage sport. Krismar was already privileged to supply horse trucks to well-known names in the dressage sport and we are delighted to see this discipline continue to grow as well!

View all information and photos of this Krismar Professional⁺ via the link below.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

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