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Image Krismar Horse Trucks

ITALY | The proud owner of this beautiful Krismar opted for a double cabin, which features five seats, and a horse section with a chest bar and an adjustable partition that can be moved to one side to transport a mare with a foal. Did you know that every Krismar 2-horse van has this convenient feature? Both the chest bar and stallion versions. Good to know now that the foaling season has started, right?

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

BELGIUM | This sturdy Krismar 2-horse, painted in a trendy green color, has been delivered to an equestrian family who opted for a MAN chassis with three seats in the driver’s cabin and the horse area built in stallion design. Each Krismar 2-horse is as standard equipped with all the necessary features to make your trip convenient and safe, but here we see several additional chosen options such as a bench seat and a roller shutter for the storage shelves.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

GERMANY | This custom-built horse truck has left to Germany, all ready to transport five dressage horses in the best possible way while providing a luxurious living area on the go. A living area with pop-out for extra space and many other features are included in this gorgeous realization.

* dog was not included

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

SWEDEN | The stunning Krismar Exclusive XL is the perfect combination of luxury and functionality. This horse truck is built on a Volvo XL chassis and features two swivel seats in the cabin that can be turned to face either the driving or living area. The fully customized living area boasts all the luxuries of home, including six comfortable sleeping places and a fully equipped bathroom. In addition to the spacious living area, this horse truck also offers room for up to six sport horses.

Did you fall under the spell? The above references have been sold, but the good news is that we have a range of 2-horse vans and horse trucks in stock that are immediately available. We invite you to explore our stock page to discover them all!


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