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The customer leads the way

Only fifteen years ago, we built our first horse truck with living space because we believed it could be done, and we saw new possibilities.

Meanwhile, we continue to build the future of Krismar Horse Trucks, Motorhomes and Stables. The ultimate goal is to be able to serve everyone and let the customers who decide today, ride tomorrow.

In a short time, we have come a long way. Step into the world of Krismar and discover the future of horse transportation, with all comfort and beautiful design.

Beginner to professional rider

Krismar Horse Trucks is all about the equestrian lifestyle. Just like you, we breathe horses. And if you are anything like us, you like to take your home with you. That’s what we do. Our company started as a way to build a home away from home, transporting our fabulous horses in the best conditions we could. From stable to competition, from paddock to the beach, we got you covered.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Krismar character

The character of Krismar demonstrates in innovative design and high quality. As it began with the design and production of exclusive, customized horse trucks, our renowned top segment has since expanded to include a 2 horse, trailer and tack box.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

100% in-house production

We know your truck. That’s because the entire production is in-house. So we can guarantee, from start to finish, the same high quality. One of the many reasons we proudly put our name on every new realization.

Krismar is so much more than a high-end transport vehicle. You get a partner who thinks with you, with loyalty and absolute respect for equestrianism.

Image Krismar Horse Trucks

Want to work at Krismar?

Interested in helping to build our vision? Take a look at our vacancies or send your CV spontaneously. Want to know more about working at Krismar? Click on the link below.


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